AUTOTUNE are Adel and Jan-Eric. Both guys come from a straight Berlin clubbing background and started their own first musical works in the mid-90`s. Both had several releases under various names but since the birth of AUTOTUNE they are getting much more recognition all over the scene. Autotune are one of the much sought-after Live- Acts in Germany and had played on big events and important clubs in Japan , Suisse, Austria, Spain, Costa Rica, Luxemburg, Italia, Malta, France, Denmark, Netherland, Poland, Tchechien, and many more. Actually their Sound can be described somewhere between deep minimal and techno influenced by hypnotic playgrounds, something Autotune has as it`s trademark. After their unforgettable Album “Ladyshaker” released on Müller Rec. and other releases on Bpitch Control, they released 5 EP`s (Blow Funk E.P., Player Stuff E.P., Psycho Revolution E.P., Department #1 E.P., Dirty E.P.) on Fumakilla, which got support from artists like Laurent Garnier, Steve Bug, Loco Dice, Josh Wink, and many more. The Dirty E.P. even scored to be played in Carl Craig`s radio show@Damon Days Radio Mix NYC. 2007 is a year to open up new perspectives, influenced of Berlin`s craziness club scene, they released in new surroundings on new sublabel of fumakilla >FUMALAB 001 "Influensa E.P".< and on the well known traditional cult label forcetracks >FORCETRACKS 077 "24 hours E.P."< deep atmospheric tracks with funky minimal elements, which shows the many sidedness of both producers. For the immediate future Autotune are working on their new project: Random Skills. Under this new name they will be presenting their new sound, which is to be already checked out on the Bar25 Label (“Puzzel” E.P.)



FK FK027 Vol.1
FK FK021 Dirty
FK FK018 Department 1
FK FK011 Psycho Revolution EP
FK FK007 Players Stuff EP
FK FK003 Blow Funk EP

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Brauclub /w Woody - Chemnitz

Helpaward, Berlin - Germany

Hamburg - Germany

Bar25, Berlin

Maria, Berlin

Bar25, Berlin

Watergate, Berlin - Germany

Kassel - Germany

Watergate, Berlin - Germany


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