The Dose
Money or love

RELEASE 2008-06-16

Supported by Karotte, Tobi Neumann, Laurent Garnier, Tom Clark, Adultnapper, DJ Gio MC-505... The thing, that makes the Dose so matchless, is the voice of Philip Spohn and its fragmental lyrics. Snapshots of an extroverted inner life, from nonchalant to infuriatingly laconic, from smooth and soulful to sick. No doubt we will all look good while shaking our butts on the floors to their 5th Fumakilla release! Modern electronic dance music with deepness. Technically advanced, sharpened on the surface, compact, handy and at the same time dirty. And this time, Woody was the executive producer. You know what this means: extraportion funk! DE:BUG (GER) review: “Auf Fumakilla ist immer Verlass. Die neue Dose beginnt auf "Look Good" mit einem Vocal-Track für Selbstverliebte und pumpt endlos mit einem locker in den Seilen hängenden funkigen Dubtrack, bei dem die Spannung einfach nie nachlassen will. Die Rückseite, "Passenger", hat ein noch deeperes Dubflavour und erinnert doch sanft an Houseklassiker, bewahrt sich dabei aber (hört man deutlich im "There You Go Again" Sample oder den trudelnden Minimaleffekten) seinen Humor. Zwei sehr sweete Hits. " Raveline (GER) review: “(...)„Look Good“ zieht alle Register moderner Tanzmusik(...)” DJ Gio MC-505: “Fumakilla #026 follow again the combination between tech-house and progressive. My favourite is "Passenger", with foggy synths and hot rhythms. This is the sound of new millennium.” hausmann.c (fresh fish): “Look good is a endlees puming track that never looses tension in its funky dubdress. The flip is even deeper and the repeating sample will bring pleasure anmd fun to the dancefloors - two solid hits!!! Will play for shure ” Karotte (CocoonGreat Stuff): “beide nummern klasse. supersexy groove. i like it.” Laurent Garnier (F-Com): “i like the B side will fit in the set perfectly” Tobi Neumann (Cocoon): “hammer platte!! sorry für meine späte reaktion, diese platte kommt extrem gut an bei der crowd und es haben mich schon einige gefragt danach. sehr lustige stimme wieder. i like this style!!!” Tom Clark (Highgrade): “full support!!” Adultnapper (Audiomatique): “A side is an absolute killer. Gets an immense reaction. One of my recent favorites. slamming.”




  • 1. A / Look Good
  • 2. B / Passenger

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